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script consult

Contact me for rates. Whether you have a first draft of a new project or need a final set of eyes before your script goes out into the world I can help. My interest is less in cohering to a set of rules (though if you need that I can do it) and more about working with you to find the best, truest expression of your idea and voice. I have 20 plus years experience in screenwriting and filmmaking and am strong at expressing visual ideas within the screenplay form. I love non-traditional narratives and characters and my personal inclination is toward movies that break the mold or attempt to say something new. Raw and authentic is always better than polished and flat.

note: everything goes directly to making Sister/Brother. I am doing this to help make my movies b/c let’s be honest: script consulting is kind of gross and slippery, filled with charlatans and promises. I don’t have all the answers or any magic potion but I love cinema in general and I love the form and format of the screenplay and translating visual ideas to written form.


Brian's feedback on my screenplay was exactly what I needed. The revision process can be daunting, but Brian's suggestions were specific and detailed, so I had concrete suggestions I could use throughout process. The result was a tighter, cleaner, and altogether more powerful screenplay. Naomi Ulstead

I send every script to Brian. He delivers honest feedback from a perspective forged by his deep knowledge of storytelling, his years of experience as a filmmaker and his keen perceptiveness of human nature and motivation. Scott Ballard

Brian gave me excellent, actionable feedback, strengthening my script, and identifying scenes in need of improvement, and beats requiring emphasis. It was great talking screenwriting with him. Deb Syna

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