My next feature film is Sister/Brother, about memory + oblivion and a sibling road trip from Portland to Seattle and back. The core of the movie is about Nora, the sister, and her personal resurrection after a series of crushing defeats. I relate so deeply to her it makes me ache. I’ve written several drafts, have 2 actors attached, key creative team in place, made a short film with the leads to promote and fundraise (Sibling Trip, watch below) and crowdfunded a small sum toward the production budget. The project was shortlisted for the 2018 Sundance Screenwriters Lab and a finalist for the MovieMaker Production Grant.


In Spring 2015 I wanted to work with Erin McGarry again after a great collaboration on The Black Sea. We met for drinks at Lutz Tavern and began talking about films that interested and inspired us in part or in whole: a compressed time frame via “After Hours”, a road trip via “Old Joy”, staring at mortality via “The Savages” and “Hannah & Her Sisters”, everything about Richard Linklater’s “Before” series and so on. I took all these reference points and just sort of let them simmer. The other factor I had was Todd Tschida. I knew I wanted to cast him before I even had a part in mind. Somewhere along the way in my mind Erin and Todd became siblings and once I had that piece the screenplay came quickly. I took the script to the Stowe Story Labs in Fall 2016 and workshopped it with mentors and peers. In Fall 2017 we shot the trailer on a Saturday in my house and in various locations nearby. We applied for several grants and waited for production money for the feature to show up. By Fall 2018 none had arrived so I ran a crowdfunding campaign on Seed&Spark and raised $25,000. This is where we find ourselves: a little bit of $ for production but not enough yet to roll.


Brian Padian writer/director/producer | Erin McGarry Nora | Todd Tschida Scotty | Scott Ballard cinematographer/co-producer | David Mark Marion producer | Christina Shaver producer | Evonne Moritz editor | Scott Unrein composer


Film stock (S16 and Super 8), a casting agent, a furnished mansion to shoot in for four days, a camera car for four days, meals & craft for cast/crew for an 18 day shoot, someone to help us hustle here in Portland, a consortium of orthodontists who want to invest in cinema, and so forth.

Be a part of this film. To make an in-kind donation, request to read the screenplay or budget, discuss investing in this film please contact Brian here. To make a tax-deductible contribution through our fiscal sponsor Stowe Story Labs click HERE

Nora + Scotty take a deep breath before they hit the road

a northern flicker films production | starring: Erin McGarry & Todd Tschida | cinematography by Scott Ballard | camera assist Asia Brown | production sound Phil Garrison | music Scott Unrein | written/directed/edited by Brian Padian